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At Island Brothers Productions, we’re passionate about helping couples create one-of-a-kind weddings and high-energy receptions where they can create lifelong memories with the ones they love. 


As your vendor team, we will work closely with you to ensure your wedding day creates genuine waves of joy for both you and your guests. Throughout the entire planning process, we’ll strive to create an environment of celebration, happiness, and love.

Mahalo nui loa from our ohana to yours!

We Incorporate the Aloha Spirit — In Everything We Do

In Hawaii, aloha means so much more than “hello” or “goodbye.” In its simplest form, aloha is love. It’s a beautiful expression of mutual regard and affection - and it’s the essence of our relationships.

We don’t just say Aloha. We live it, we breathe, we base our business model on it. 

Speaking of Aloha

The Hawaiian Aloha Spirit is so deeply rooted in our history, we can’t help but make the kindness, respect, humility, and joy it holds a part of our process. 

experience aloha

“I’m not exactly sure on how to apply the word majestic to the way they do things but that’s how I see it - like a majestic steed coupled with a team of ninjas. 

– Daniel M. 

Island Brothers Productions was absolutely amazing! They were prompt, very accommodating to the music that we wanted to listen to, and entertaining throughout the entire event. They kept our guests entertained while we did wedding stuff and jumped out and led all of the line dancing. They have some pretty sweet moves. If you don’t use them you might as well not have an event. Island brother productions is what made my wedding epic.”

We’re Your Not-So-Typical Wedding DJ Meets Wedding Planner Love Story...

how it all began...The Founders

“How did a Hawaiian end up living in Leesburg, Ohio?” It’s a question Kimo gets asked a lot. But the answer truly is, “By following love!” When we met on a cruise, it was an instant connection. At the time, Kimo was a high-energy wedding DJ on the west coast and I was a native Ohio girl with a love for planning and making genuine connections with clients. 

we have learned to each lean into our strengths in a way that gives you a complete experience. 


Kimo has a genuine and fun personality and the kind of contagious energy that sparks the realization that some people are simply born for what they do. 

There’s an old saying that wedding entertainers may sing, dance or DJ and you may get lucky to find someone who may provide 2 of those 3 but crushing DJ stereotypes is Kimo’s specialty. He is the total package in the ultimate wedding DJ experience. He sings (very well!), dances, AND DJs. Most impressively, as a man who uses “acts of service” as his love language, he leads with a servant’s heart. Kimo truly listens to and gets to know the couples we serve, so that the experience you receive is true to your dreams and your love story.  

the Wedding DJ

acts of service

Love Language

With decades of experience, Kimo has created waves with his DJing at hundreds of weddings across the United States - from Hawaii to California and Arizona to Ohio.


Providing a high-touch experience has always been my focus. While Kimo does what he does best, I enjoy attending to the brides. With “quality time” as my primary love language, I love spending time with brides and getting to know every hope and dream they have for their big days. And then discovering the ways in which we can serve you and make your life just a little bit easier.

I have an absolute passion for all things wedding - from witnessing the sparkle in your eyes when you see each other to the beauty of lifelong commitment. It is this love of love that inspired me to become a planner, orchestrating the spectacular moments as they unfold on everyone’s "best day ever." 

the  Wedding Planner


Love Language


Introducing Will, your ticket to a wedding day filled with unbeatable energy and unforgettable tunes! Hailing from the scenic Kahuku, HI, he brings together the vibrant beats of New Zealand and the exotic rhythms of American Samoa, infusing your celebration with a one-of-a-kind cultural fusion.

With an impressive 8-year DJ career, all at the dynamic Island Brothers Productions, Will has rocked the turntables at a multitude of events, from intimate gatherings to massive corporate affairs, happening clubs, buzzing bars, thrilling sporting events, and, of course, love-filled weddings. His wedding DJ prowess has taken him from the sun-soaked weddings of Arizona to the heartland celebrations of Ohio, ensuring that no dance floor is left unshaken.

But Will is more than just a DJ; he's a maestro with a Master's Degree in Business Administration. This unique combination of musical passion and business acumen means he not only knows how to get the party started but also how to keep it going all night long. His extensive knowledge and love for music from across the globe guarantee a playlist that's as diverse as your guest list.

So, if you're ready to transform your special day into an electrifying, dance-filled extravaganza that bridges cultures and brings people together, Will is the DJ to make it happen. Get ready to groove to the beats of a lifetime and create memories that will last forever!

the Wedding DJ

acts of service

Love Language

Packing dance floors one wedding at a time.
 We will never tire of seeing a packed dance floor with smiling faces - and sweet dance moves!

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The Island Brothers Productions

one team for all the major components of your reception 

Unlike singular wedding service providers, we work as a team to offer a seamless, multi-service experience, so you can get back to focusing on each other.

the family treatment 

Working with our small, family-owned team means you get treated like ohana, and our commitment to family means we’re showing up no matter what. Your happiness our #1 priority. 

a thoughtful, holistic approach

We’re “big picture” but not "big box" kind of people. While other vendors may only do enough to cover their services, we want to help eliminate any stress you may be facing in any way we can.

a signature process that’s more than incredibly’s fun. 

We use a relationship-driven process to ensure you get the wedding of your dreams. More than simply providing our expert service, we promise to cheer you on, celebrate your love story, and have a whole lot of fun every step of the way.



We may hug you! Hugs are how we show love or respect, so we hug everyone as a hello. 

when you meet us...

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